BEAUTY BAR: Good as Gold

The smoky eye is a beloved makeup look. For some, it takes a while to master, while others can nail the look within a few tries. I’m not sure how long it took for this Fashionista to master the look, but she is most definitely killing it! Not only that, but she also adds a cute and unique pizzazz to the look with a gold shimmer rather than the darker eyeshadow often used for the smoky eye. The gold adds a soft touch to the look. This Fashionista calls it the “gold smoky eye.”

While her golden look is perfect with her golden hair, super chic outfit, and shoes to match, the gold smoky eye is a look anyone can master. Just grab your favorite gold eyeshadow—there are soft and subtle eyeshadows, then there are super bold and pigmented ones. Take your pick, and switch it out with what you would normally use for the smoky eye look. If you’re already a smoky eye master, then this shouldn’t be too difficult. If not, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube, so grab some eyeshadow and get to learning.

She finishes the gold smoky eye look off with a pretty matte lip, and she is ready to take on the city. Choosing a matte lip color that complements your complexion can be tricky, but this Fashionista does it right and rocks it!

To find the best matte lip for your complexion, experiment with non-matte lipsticks you already own. Which of those shades looks 100 percent on you? Choose one or two, then start the search for your new favorite matte lip color.