BEAUTY BAR: Friends, Fall, Fuchsia

Let’s talk lipstick. We all love it; we all wear it. Companies like MAC and NARS make it easy for us to experiment with so many different options and never cease to have limitless possibilities when choosing one to express ourselves. Adding a splash of lip color brings fun to any outfit and is an effortless way to blend your outfit’s hues together.

It’s apparent that lipstick and makeup in general are a huge market for our generation, so let’s dive into some history. The use of it was actually frowned upon before Queen Elizabeth made it acceptable in the mid-1500s, pairing her pale complexion with a crimson lip. Skip to the 1700s and again, British Parliament said that women wearing it were witches trying to allure men. (Sorry Parliament, you’re right! Even today, we lipstick lovers are exactly this). Fast-forward to the late 1800s, and it was back in full swing as actresses needed something extra to stand out in black and white films. From the ‘90s on, lipstick became mainstream. With companies like Chanel and Estée Lauder selling the tiny tubes and someones like Madonna and Gwen Stefani sporting it, everyone wanted to be a part of the movement.

Now that we’re all caught up on the hard life lipstick has had, let’s get to how this Fashionista is sporting the trending dark lip. She is giving us every reason to believe that fuchsia is a friend we all need in our life. Seriously, who doesn’t want bubble gum lips?! I know you may be nervous about carrying this color with you into fall, but she gave major inspiration pairing it with a little black sweater dress, fun heels and a vintage clutch for an ultra-babe moment for a girl’s night. Being so versatile, this color can carry you from work through happy hour.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: In order to get this look, you will need NYX liner in Pinky with MAC Rebel on top. Since fuchsia is a striking color, it’s best to stick with light, simple shadows like the Naked 3 and Basics palettes, which offer soft pink shadows to complement the color. The fun with makeup lies in experimenting and seeing what works best for you. It’s all about having fun with it and trying things to spice up your looks!