BEAUTY BAR: Flash Tattoos

In recent years it has become more and more socially acceptable to sport nose rings, additional piercings beyond first holes and tattoos. Tattoos have begun to lose the stigma of “trashy” and “inappropriate.” This trend really started with the combination of celebrities and Instagram. Body art has become more about the meaning and significance rather than the actual aspect of the physical tattoo. Common places the millennial generation is choosing to display these tattoos are: their ribcage, their upper back, their feet and their wrist. With this push, tattoos are becoming mainstream. There is still a target market of people who appreciate tattoos, however cannot commit to one design for the remainder of their life. I mean come on, I don’t even know what I am going to have for dinner tonight; how am I supposed to decide on a permanent tattoo? For those that face this issue, your solution is flash tattoos.

Making their way into the fashion market during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week in 2014, flash tattoos are the latest trend in body art. A high quality “flash tat” will last in all its glimmering glory for two to three weeks. Placement of your flash tattoo is vital to the overall look you would like to achieve.

As with this Fashionista, that particular flash tattoo is planned around the outfit, which is a feature only a temporary tattoo can offer. Flash tattoos come in many colors and sizes. They can also be cut down and personalized to fit your personality. This Fashionista is executing this look perfectly. She is put together for a day out on the town with her dress and matching necklace—and not to mention her flash tattoo.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: These tattoos work like any temporary tattoo. All you need to put on these tattoos is water and a sponge. Once the flash tattoo has lost its luster, baby oil will take the tattoo right off.