BEAUTY BAR: Falling Into Place

As much as everyone loves summer, there is no greater feeling than fall weather on a college campus. Tailgates, football games and bonfires are just a few reasons why this season is a favorite, but for a Fashionista, it’s all about the style that get’s unleashed. From oversized sweaters to darker shades of lipstick, fall trends are in the root of great fashion.

When you think of fall, you’ll most likely think of leaves changing colors; bright yellow and green leaves will turn into dark orange and faded brown. That’s how your makeup should be, too! This Fashionista used the MAC Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette to add a subtle color to her eyes; nothing too heavy, but just enough to draw attention to the lightness of her eyes. Using neutral colors is a great way to enhance your natural features without wearing so much dark eyeliner or mascara. This Fashionista is also wearing MAC’s Sincere blush; it’s a more natural looking blush due to the more peachy brown tone, which makes it perfect for daytime. She completed this look by covering her lips in MAC’s Spirit matte lipstick. This muted, pink-beige lipstick is a great shade to keep the neutral theme going. If you want to add some color to your makeup, try using a berry or red lipstick to bring more life to your lips.

Even though the summer heat is dying down, be sure to use a primer to keep your look lasting throughout the day. Primers by Smashbox have been studio-tested and proven to keep makeup on for a full 24 hours!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, you’ll need a neutral eyeshadow, a natural blush and a matte lipstick color of your choice. Also, invest in a good primer to keep your look vibrant and fresh!