BEAUTY BAR: Falling For Hue

As autumns cooler days begin wrapping themselves around us, trends made for and inspired by fall weather are quickly arriving. With Pantone’s announcement of its fall hues, it’s easier to select essential autumn pieces knowing that your picks will be on-trend with this seasons colors. From dusty olive greens to muted orchid and Creamsicle variations, there is a whole spectrum of colors to choose from. Adding a dash of one or two of these colors to your ensemble is simple and can be done easily. This Fashionista’s outfit was eye-catching because she blended some of the trendiest shades and patterns for this season but still was able to cater it to her personal style.

Starting with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, this Fashionista continued implementing her style by straying from the popular monochromatic path and opted for a snakeskin print shirt. The shirts hushed color kept things looking polished but allowed her to choose something with a small punch of attitude. Her bejeweled sandals were another asset to her ensemble and provided a bit of glitter and texture. She finished everything off by donning a green utility jacket, a popular essential for the upcoming months of winter and fall. Her outfit was fit for the “best fall style” archives, but what really took it to another level were her nails.

Her manicure differed from the usual dark, wine-tinged red and berry hues of fall but was relevant and matched a color that is popular for this fall and winter. But her nails happened to embody another trend, one that soon will be popping up in many salons and beauty stores alike: thermal nails. Heat-activated and based on her body temperature, the polish switches from bright fuchsia to a paler rose and ombré in between colors. This makes for a subtle, yet fresh accessory for any outfit and allows for personalization amongst the sea of fall time trends.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To have a look similar to this Fashionistas, a gel or acrylic manicure at a salon that offers thermal nail polish is your best bet. If you’d like to try it yourself there are several companies that sell polish like this. Not sure if you’re ready for thermal? Try a solar polish that changes color in the sun to test the waters of chameleon inspired lacquer.