BEAUTY BAR: Embrace the Shade!

Ombré, in French is defined as “shaded” or “graduated in tone.” It also refers to the effects that can be done on hair. In other words, the hair is lighter at the bottom and gets darker as it approaches the root of the hair. Ombré hair has been popular for a couple of years, but has never been this interesting. Now, the ombré that is happening is consisting of different colors instead of the typical light brown. This is opening the door for all different types of new styles to emerge.

I spotted this Fashionista and her hair spoke volumes to me. Along with her adorable outfit, her hair was magnificent. Ombré hair is trending vastly among everyone and especially with it being the fall season, it fits right in. Another key point to why this Fashionista’s hair was so different (in a good way!) is because it wasn’t the typical shading. It fits her skin tone almost perfectly and you can never go wrong when flexing your complexion!

This Fashionista’s hair looks great and paired with her look, she definitely didn’t go wrong. The Fashionista is wearing a very sporty, yet cute look for class. The weather in November is better than expected and in Michigan, we have to take advantage of that because it will change in a heartbeat. She is wearing a rose pink T-shirt and to complement the color, she paired this look with a burgundy infinity scarf and a jacket of the same color which she tied around her waist.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Ombré hair is definitely in and with there being so many options, the choices are endless for self expression and individuality. To get this look , consider consulting a hair stylist for a professional’s opinion and help! If you feel confident in your own abilities, there are also kits for one to safely do an ombré look on your own hair! They’re sold at places such as Walgreens, Rite Aid and other local stores.