BEAUTY BAR: Effortless Waves

One of the hardest hairstyles to create is curled hair that actually looks natural. It often appears unnaturally curly and falls out too quickly or is limp and not curly enough. It is almost impossible for the average person to get hair that is the perfect comfortable, easy going natural-looking wavy hair.

Summer weather adds to this dilemma since no one has or wants to spend too much time using hot tools on their hair which will eventually be defeated by the summer heat. With some simple tricks, this Fashionista is able to create effortless hair that is sure to remain resilient even with rising temperatures. Her lovely waves pair beautifully with her light makeup and simple summer outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? You can recreate this Fashionista’s hairstyle by starting off with the base for creating any look using hot tools, a good heat protector. After spraying that all over your hair, plug in your curling iron. Finding the right curling iron for your hair is the most important thing in creating this look. I recommend buying a ceramic curling iron since they really make all the difference and are fairly inexpensive. After your curling iron reaches the desired temperature, start working from one side of your head taking two inch sections of hair wrapping it around the iron without using the clamp. Not using the clamp is the key in this look. It is what gives your hair the natural look you want. Hold each piece of your hair for ten seconds and hairspray immediately after. Buying a good hairspray will make sure that your lovely waves lasts all day long. After finishing curling your entire head, flip your hair over and shake it out to add volume and loosen up the waves. Next style your natural looking wavy hair however you would like!