BEAUTY BAR: For the Edgy Minimalist

First things first, it’s time to break some fashion rules Fashionistas. Black is back for the summer and here to stay. Want to know the best way to rock your favorite edgy look this season? Keep your makeup to a minimum. This will keep the focus off that darker color scheme and on your natural glow.

This bare-faced beauty loves trend hunting at a bargain. She opts for minimalism in her look, which she reflects through the simplicity in her makeup routine to accompany her often more edgy and sporty attire.

This Fashionista pairs her Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation base with a rose pink blush. A brushed out brow with a clear gel will leave your eyes perfectly framed for any shadow. She finished her look with a basic liner and bare lips. This Fashionista is all about making her eyes pop.

When it comes to pairing an au naturale makeup look with an all-black outfit in the hot summer weather like this Fashionista, shiftable layers and versatility is key to staying rocker chic while remaining cool under the scorching sunshine. Who needs a smudged makeup faux pas while they’re catching their well deserved summer rays? No thanks.

This Fashionista styled a halter neck black spandex dress with a quilted faux leather jacket she found for a steal online. The addition of a chunky healed bootie leaves her comfortable even into the early hours of the morning. Feeling warm? Toss your jacket to the side and your left with an equally cute outfit with some added accessories: maybe a crossbody bag or layered necklaces.

This bare-faced beauty loves switching between funky hair colors, as she views it as an accessory in itself to be experimented with. For this season she decided to join the dark side, trying out a much warmer look to her naturally dirty blonde locks. She likes to let her hair air dry with some coconut oil for added moisture and shine.

It’s time to break some rules. Summer-ready doesn’t always mean color-ready, so find the fun in playing up your dark side even in the most flexible aspects of your style. You won’t regret it.