BEAUTY BAR: For The Culture

A matte red lip has the potential to completely transform any normal beauty look into a feisty, spunky look. While we’re on the topic of normal, this isn’t just any ordinary Forever 21 blouse. This Mexican embroidered shirt deserves a full-on beauty look to match that this Latina Fashionista pulled off effortlessly. Not to say some are ashamed of their culture, but most cultural clothing pieces don’t necessarily get styled for everyday wear. Also, many clothing pieces exist already that mimic the design of this blouse: seriously, where haven’t you seen embroidery on clothing now-a-days? It’s a beautiful trend, but why not wear the real deal! “Why not” is exactly what this Fashionista said when she went for this sultry makeup look to match her already colorful outfit.

Going daring with makeup when you’re already wearing something colorful is potentially very, very scary. But, again, “why not!” From the defined brows to the smokey eye, this beauty look is far from ordinary. The defined brows could be achieved with practically any eyebrow fill-in product. This Fashionista, specifically, used an e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit that doesn’t break the bank at all! Using Frida Kahlo’s signature hair style as inspiration, this Fashionista parted her hair in the middle and created french braid pigtails to complete the look.

Now that we’re moving onto the bottoms, you might’ve assumed by now that this Fashionista would’ve said, once again, “why not?” However, she is not wearing something entirely crazy as her bottoms: her bottoms are different than usual but still tame enough to let the beauty look and shirt speak for itself. She paired the shirt with striped shorts instead of regular denim shorts. If regular denim shorts just haven’t been cutting it for you, then this Fashionista just answered some of your fashion dilemmas. It’s a good thing that the shorts are a little tamed along with the shoe choice, because the shirt combined with the beauty look speaks for itself.

If you feel like your outfit is a little daring, don’t be scared to go all out with a daring makeup look as well. As Cady Heron once said, “The limit does not exist.” Be bold! Be colorful! Do something you haven’t done before with your makeup! It’ll only complete the look more.