BEAUTY BAR: Cool Curls

March 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

Since working in a hair salon, I have recently discovered the art of hair. Styling our hair is a cool way of expressing what is naturally present. Sometimes I forget about how hair is almost like an accessory; it really pulls together our whole outfit and gives it a special touch of what style we are going for. This Fashionista not only has good style when it comes to clothing but her hair always looks ah-mazing! She is constantly teaching me different ways I should do my hair and this is one of my favorite looks of hers.

She starts off by making sure her hair is healthy and then uses dry shampoo to give her hair some extra volume. By using a Sultra The Bombshell, 1-inch wand, she curls her hair in sections. Luckily, she has been blessed with naturally thicker hair but what I would recommend if you have thinner hair are clip-in extensions. They might be a bit costly but most of my favorite fashion bloggers actually use these to not only make their hair longer but also thicker.

She finishes her voluminous curls off with a small dose of hair spray and is set for the day! These curls last her about all day and if you use a smaller barrel to curl and want bigger curls, just run your fingers through your hair or flip your head upside down multiple times throughout the day so the curls look more natural.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If I have learned anything from working in a salon it’s that everyone’s hair is different, but you can imitate this look by using this volumizing spray, a curling wand similar to this and this amazing hairspray that does wanders.