BEAUTY BAR: Cool Colored Hair

BEAUTY BAR: Cool Colored Hair

We all know colored hair has been the rage for a while. Over the past few years, only the sections dyed have changed, whether it’s a streak, ombre, balayage, or your entire head–this trend doesn’t look like it’s dying down anytime soon and we love it!

This Fashionista went with the full head look, but instead of going with one color throughout, she has different tones of lilac and blue. These cool tones are easy to mix together to create a look that’s still light colored but much more fun.

The only negative about hair this colorful is that it’s easy for it to clash with your outfit. During the summer more colors are always welcome, but for winter an almost full black outfit is your best option here. This Fashionista chose a black bomber with red lettering on the back.

As skinny jeans move out of our wardrobes, a wider leg moves in. These bootcut jeans with frayed edges allow you to show some extra detail, like fishnet stockings, around the ankles. Fishnet stockings to be seen through strappy heels, around the ankles, or above the waistline of your pants have been a huge trend lately. This was was easy to adopt, because, unless you threw your fishnets away six years ago, we all have a pair laying around somewhere.

The low top Chuck Taylors keep it simple and give this sweet hair a slight punk edge. Converse are always a great go-to, and they’re so versatile between looks.

The light colored Tory Burch purse keeps this look light and balances out the tones of her hair. Overall, this outfit is a balancing act not to outdo the hair, which seems tough but can be easily overdone. However, our Fashionista pulls it off perfectly!