BEAUTY BAR: Cherry on Top

If I had to choose one word to describe Fashionistas it would be “bold.” Fashionistas have an admirable ability to take risks without worrying about acceptance. Their outstanding amount of confidence shows through their vivid appearance in not only their outfits, but their makeup as well. This Fashionista grabbed my attention with her ruby red lip and timeless ensemble.

Rocking a daredevil red hue on your face might seem a bit intimidating at first. This Fashionista spilled that the key to rocking a bright red lip is to keep the rest of your makeup looking natural. Lean more towards earthy shades of brown and peach to prevent looking overly done-up and to keep the focus on those show-stopping lips.

This Fashionista perfectly pairs her scarlet pout with a classy swing skirt and a pair of glam booties. Her tights add in an extra pop of color to the effortlessly chic outfit. Accompanied by striking makeup, this look is ready to hit the campus.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look and rock a fiery red lip of your own, you will want to start off with a moisturizing lip scrub to combat dryness. Next, use a lip liner to shape and outline your pout. After that, you’re going to fill in with your favorite red lipstick or pencil. This Fashionista admitted that she was trying out the Mary Jo K lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. A red lip like this is sure to be the cherry on top of any killer ensemble!