I think back to middle school when I began to obsess over hairstyles. I would spend hours looking up YouTube videos that featured new trends and then practice them until my arms were sore. Trust me, I knew every braid from fishtail to dutch to waterfall. I was always excited to learn a new hairstyle and continue to search for them today.

I was lucky enough to spot this Fashionista rocking the half up half down bun. I have seen this look several times this summer, however feel that it is either hit or miss. There is a fine line between it looking like a “ballet bun” or a “just rolled out of bed bun,” however I felt like this Fashionista really captured the essence of this hairstyle without making it look forced.

The half up half down bun really complements her patterned swing dress nicely. Since her hair is out of her face the high neckline of the dress is more prominent. I am a huge fan of this dress since it is both comfortable and yet still cute. Not to mention the adorable, pastel pattern. I love her Jack Rogers sandals and am dying to get myself a pair for this summer. They may be expensive but are a great investment since they are leather and will last you for several years.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you are looking to try out this look it is pretty simple. First, style your hair with your favorite texture-adding product. Then put your hair in a half up half down bun giving you an effortlessly chic look.