With school coming to an end and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of new beauty trends. Over the past couple of years we’ve really started to see the brow game become a huge part of fashion. Back in the day, we all remember tweezing and skinnier brows to be all the hype, but now it’s a totally different. Thick, natural, dark brows are what we want this upcoming season.

This Fashionista pairs her bold brow with a very casual look of a flannel, jeans and summer sandals. This laid back look lets her beauty and bold features stand out the most. For night wear, you could continue with this casual look, wearing jeans and a nice, flowy blouse.

The best part of rocking a bold brow is how the rest of the overall beauty look comes together. With a statement piece like your brows, keeping a muted face will be the best way to put them on display. Now that summer is approaching, a dewy foundation and mascara is really all you need. Taking that into a night-out look, adding a darker lip in pink, orange or even red shades will still keep your brows in focus, but also add another focal point.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this look, you can either use a brow pencil, which can come in just about any shade depending on your hair color. You could also use a brow gel, or even possibly a dark eye shadow shade! Nowadays, brow kits are all the rage. These usually come with different types of brow fillers, usually a gel or powder, and also come with a shaping stencil as well. This is great for shaping purposes.