BEAUTY BAR: Braids for (Hot Summer) Days

Summer is finally here (cue the High School Musical 2 summer chant). But one downfall that comes with the summer heat is the hair dilemma. It’s so hot that at one point or another you consider chopping off an extreme amount of hair. Either that, or you are content to live in your messy bun. Personally, I tend to opt for the bun. And no, it’s not the cute, trendy type of messy bun either. It’s more along the line of making people wonder if I just woke up. So while I’m walking around looking like I have a nest on my head, this Fashionista found a better way to beat the heat.

The double french braids have made a comeback this year and paired with the comebacks of high-waisted, boyfriend jeans and flannels, we are officially back in the ’90s and I’m not complaining. This look is perfect because it works for all types of hair. Because the braids work as an accessory in itself, this Fashionista kept the rest of her outfit simple. She wore light jewelry and soft makeup because really, who wants to wear makeup to their 9:00 a.m. classes anyways? One T-shirt dress and a pair of gladiator sandals later and she was ready to not die of heat on her way to class.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This trend requires nothing but dedication. If you are like me and and feel hopeless when it comes to learning how to braid and YouTube tutorials have failed you, find a friend who knows how to braid and use them to your advantage.