BEAUTY BAR: Braids for Days

As a Style Guru, I’m always keeping an eye out for Fashionistas who have amazing style. Fashion is definitely one of my passions, but I’ve always been more of a beauty girl at heart. I’m a total product diva, and I love keeping up with the latest trends in hair and makeup. When I saw how this month’s Fashionista styled her hair, I knew I had to capture it.

A timeless hairstyle, braids are all the rage on campus and can complement almost every look. During the fall and winter months, it’s easy to spot Fashionistas with small, delicate braids. This is a big difference compared to the large, messy fishtail braids many Fashionistas wore during the summertime. We often remember to change the types of clothes we wear for different seasons, but it’s important to know that beauty trends change with the seasons as well.

The braid this Fashionista decided to wear works well with the rest of her outfit, and is a beautiful addition to her elegant curls. Her use of bobby pins is strategic; the neutral shades match the color of her hair well, and the way she places the pins secures the braid without distracting from its detail.

For makeup, this Fashionista keeps her look classy and simple. She starts off by using a Shine Free Foundation Stick and sets it with a pressed powder. Next, she shows off her beautiful eyes with her favorite black eyeliner and mascara. To finish, she applies a papaya oil lip balm for moisturization and shine.

In addition to her fabulous hair and makeup, this Fashionista knows how to dress. Her flannel, classic white T-shirt and skinny jeans. The white sneakers will help her stay comfortable while walking across campus and admiring the breathtaking fall foliage at Messiah’s campus.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Recreate your own stunning braid by prepping your hair accordingly. Use a water-based pomade to give your hair some extra texture and grip to make braiding as easy as possible. These adorable braids work best on second day hair, so if you’re in a hairstyle slump, this look can refresh your style game.