BEAUTY BAR: Braids Braids Braids!

Lately, I’ve been seeing many celebrities and Fashionistas around campus rocking either dutch braids or french braids. I can say I’ve been rocking dutch braids myself. I can definitely understand why this beauty trend has been trending not only in the fashion world but among college students as well. The Fashionista I spotted is rocking her dutch braids on the way to class with a light blue loose midi-dress and faux fur ivory sweater with some chokers as accessories.

This is such an easy and cute look to rock with almost any outfit. It’s a great look for us busy college ladies that are constantly on the go. You can do this style the night before a busy testing week like midterms or finals and it will last all week and you can still feel like you like cute or stylish. My personal favorite time to rock Dutch braids are the two or three days after I wash my hair, which are normally on Sundays, and it makes my Monday morning’s much easier with not having to worry about doing my hair. Dutch or French braids are also a great way to create heat-less waves in your hair when you take them out!

To get Dutch braids, start with damp or towel dried hair and create a straight part down the middle of your head with a back comb or teasing comb. Also, if you would like to create a wavy or curly hairstyle once you take the braids out, make sure your hair is damp before braiding it. Once the part is created, you can add mousse or gel to both sides of your head to make sure your hair stays frizz-less for as long as you would like to keep the braids in. Smooth down the edges of your hair with a brush and then begin to braid the first half of your hair.

The key to creating a Dutch braid is your pretty much braiding as you would a French braid except you would “braid out” or “under hand” instead of “overhand.” You start at your hairline and then braid back and you pick up strands of hair and add to the braid as you go along. Then add some hairspray over the style to keep it in place—especially overnight! It sounds hard, but it’s super easy!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Here are a couple of products that can make your braids look come out perfectly. You will definitely need some cute rubber bands or hair ties to hold your braid together at the end. Also, to keep those braids in place some hairspray will be necessary! To create the wavy look once you take out the braids, it is best to add some mousse to your damp hair before braiding.