Beauty Bar: Braids

Beauty Bar: Braids

This Fashionista was killing the braid game so I had to ask her about her look. Whether you’ve got long locks or you sport a short do, braids can always give you a fresh look paired with any outfit. Her braids complement her denim on denim look and she slays.

Let’s talk hair. The double french braids make for an effortless hairstyle that is youthful and refreshing. You can match her long silky braids yourself by using a few beauty products. First, after showering, use a pea-sized amount of oil and spread it through your damp hair. Additionally, add sea-salt spray and brush it through. Once you have dried your hair, you can start your braids. To keep your fly-aways inline, grab some hairspray. Finally, finish your braids off with some shine spray to give your braids a polished and radiant look.

Now on to her outfit, this denim on denim look makes for a great day to night look. The look can be mastered by anyone daring to pull off denim on denim. All you really need is jeans and a denim jacket. She pairs her mesh crop with a creme colored bralette. She accessorizes with light pink reflective sunnies. The pastel color palette of this look makes for a perfect spring outfit.

Never be scared to try a denim on denim look. Denim in different washes is totally possible too and can transcend through seasons.

As always, make sure you wear all of your denim on denim looks with confidence. Also, keep up with the latest on my social media.