BEAUTY BAR: Bohemian Chic

The bohemian trend is definitely a classic that is never going out of style and adored by so many. Why is this so catchy you may ask? The effortless look has so much versatility and is great for almost any occasion. From lazy beach days to summer music festivals and vacation travels, this eccentric lifestyle look is acceptable for all social occasions. This Fashionista channeled her inner bohemian princess over the past weekend and shared some excellent beauty advice for creating the perfect bohemian look.
Close your eyes and imagine the perfect “boho hair.” If your image was effortlessly perfect bedhead waves, we are right in sync with one another. How does she achieve this perfectly imperfect look you ask? Products are essential when it comes to perfect beach waves. This Fashionista’s go-to for waves is sea salt spray (applied to wet hair), texturizing spray, as well as occasional loose braiding the night before. She added her own unique twist to this look by adding a slight purple ombre tint in her hair, topping off the entire free-spirited vibe for the day. By adding this unique printed headband, she accentuates the “messy hair” look and adds a hint of texturing powder to set it. Another option if you don’t own a headband would be a braid at the crown of your head. Using the same texturizing powder, creating a “braided headband” gives the same softness appeal as a headband but with a more natural look to it. The braid is ideal for thick hair, but can also be achieved using extensions.
Although the average bohemian style uses minimal makeup, this Fashionista is an absolute makeup goddess and loves to let it shine through. While many people believe wearing too much makeup hides natural beauty, she explains that wearing makeup the appropriate way will always help your natural beauty shine through. To create this look, she uses the earth tones and berry tints of the Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills for her eyes. These colors are excellent for the bohemian look—the natural tints create a highlight for her brilliant blue eyes and blend flawlessly with her fair skin tone. Using Maybelline mascara for the full lash-blast effect adds depth and draws your focus directly in toward her eyes. With the Ultimate Glow Set by Anastasia Beverly Hills, she creates a natural illuminating highlight, accentuating her cheekbones and creating a perimeter for her facial features. Perfecting this stunning beauty look, she mixes Chi and Midi lip colors by ColourPop to top it all off.
This look is seemingly effortless to recreate and always turns out beautifully. It is such a popular look and is an excellent time saver. One of my absolute favorite aspects of this look is that it is stunning on all skin tones and hair types.