BEAUTY BAR: Black Is The New Black

December 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Theoretically, winter should be every girl’s favorite season. There is no more competition to see who has the best tan, as everyone is pale, chunky sweaters are always in style and the lack of summer heat substantially reduces the chance of makeup melting. Despite the freezing temperatures, winter is every Fashionista’s dream.

While most people shy away or frown upon styles that are too ‘dark ‘ or ‘gothic,’ there is no denying that this Fashionista’s outfit is on point. Do you see her shoes? Or the beautiful detailing in her jacket? Any girl can throw on a cute top and jeans, but it takes true confidence in your personal style to go against the social norm and rock this look.

However, it is neither the shoes nor the jacket that completes this look, but rather the Fashionista’s makeup. Black nail polish has been on-trend for a few years now, but how often do you see someone wearing black lipstick in any month other than October? When paired with the softer hues used for the eye shadow, the lipstick truly completes the entire look. Restraint is key when adding the eyeshadow, as a look such as a smoky eye or bold colors would have ruined this look since it is entirely too much makeup when paired with a dramatic lip color.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this Fashionista’s beauty look, start with a dark shade of lipstick. Kat Von D is an expensive brand, but their lipstick is of superior quality and comes in one of a kind shades. Pair the lipstick with black eyeliner, and soft hued eye shadow, either in grays or a tint lighter than your natural skin tone.