Not only is it Spring Break season, but summer is surely in sight. First things first, we must focus on our spring wardrobe. It is time to swap those sweaters for light sundresses and those tall boots for colorful sandals. Though much of the usual spring look revolves around clothing, hair is equally as important. Whether it is a fun braid, a high ponytail or a simple updo, hair can bring on new trends of its own and add a flare to any outfit!

This Fashionista has set the tone with a beautiful high bun. This hairdo is not tight, rather it is free and loose. It is an extension of the flow of her dress and is simple to do! The high bun is trendy, chic and an easy beauty statement. It brings height to the look, only bringing the eye upwards. It also complements this Fashionista’s modern glasses perfectly. The clear glasses match well with this Fashionistas dark hair and cream tone dress. Continuing on to her short, dark booties, the dark colors pick up the color of her hair and bring the whole look together. This is a very Bohemian look that is modern and hip and awesome for spring. Neutral colors are easy to work with and a great opportunity to add festive, colorful jewelry as well. In terms of hair and beauty, this style works because it is a combination of an updo and having your hair down. Not to mention it takes about one minute to do!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Don’t know what to do with your long hair? Take the upper layers of your hair and gently twist it into a high bun. It is light, easy and, of course, the perfect touch to any outfit! All you need is a thin hair tie. Cheers to spring and high beach buns!