BEAUTY BAR: Barbie Lips

It’s been a very unusual “winter” here in upstate New York. With temperatures near 60 degrees each day, it’s been kind of confusing when choosing an outfit each morning. Although, we have all been taking full advantage of this extremely warm winter weather and wearing some of our favorites from the past season as well as completely disregarding our puffy coats. We are also into full finals-mode, meaning no time for extra makeup time in the morning. If you stayed up all night cramming for your Economics test and you still want to look presentable, see how this Fashionista amps up her entire look with just one simple task.

One of my favorite things to do is keep my eye and face makeup really simple and have a bright pop of color on my lips. It looks like you spent all morning perfecting your look when really it only took ten minutes to achieve. It takes little to no effort to do this type of look, which is ideal for finals week. This Fashionista did this simple look with a beautiful and bold Barbie pink. It’s blue toned as well, making your pearly whites look even whiter.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To flawlessly execute this look, you’ll need the perfect Barbie lipstick; either glossy or matte is fine. You also need mascara that will make your lashes fluttery and girly. The rest of your look should be simple yet put together, so stick with minimal eyeliner and a light contour.