BEAUTY BAR: Bangin' Baby

Changing your hair can be expensive. Switching hair colors is fun but damaging to your bank account and hair health. I once saw an estimate of about $600 to get that silver color that was so trendy. $600!!! So what’s an alternative?

Get some bangs. This Fashionista shows just how fun and adorable bangs are. She went for the bold, straight across cut, and though that style isn’t for everyone, you have plenty of options for some fringe. The best advice I have for you is to following the advice of Cosmopolitan’s: “The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape.” They suggest heart-shaped faces go with a blunt or heavy bang; long faces should try layered, lengthy, side swept bangs; round faces are complemented by side swept or middle swept bangs; square-shaped faces should wear choppy bangs and last but not least, oval faces are the most versatile when it comes to chopping that hair. To all of you with oval shaped faces—the choice of bangs is yours to make!

Not only does this Fashionista rock this blunt chop, but her outfit is also turning heads. Pulling off some of the latest fashions in her own way, she pairs a duster kimono with a fall essential (booties!). The ensemble wouldn’t be complete without her gold-toned accessories, including all of the awesome mix and match rings. Finally, our Fashionista doesn’t forget about those small beauty details with her winged liner and a moon manicure.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this bangin’ beauty look, you have a couples of options. For the brave, you can very well cut bangs for yourself, by yourself! Though, I suggest you watch a tutorial video beforehand (and maybe even cut them a little too long in case of mistakes)! For those of us who would prefer to put our hair in the hands of the trusted, go ahead and visit your favorite hairdresser so they can get you some bangs!