BEAUTY BAR: Au Natural

I can’t help myself when it comes to following all the latest beauty trends, like contouring for example. Although I don’t know how to actually do all of that because I rarely wear makeup (because I’m so lazy), the videos are mesmerizing. With all of these new ways to transform your face, this Fashionista is steering clear of that path by going au natural. I noticed how great her skin was and it immediately got my attention—I just had to know her skincare routine.

To my surprise, this Fashionista doesn’t have a routine. She tries to stay away from skincare products because she learned that they would dry out her skin, or conversely, make it more oily. Another way she strays from the recommended path is by only washing her face once a day, which is normally in the shower.

This Fashionista also uses any kind of lotion to moisturize her face. “It’s probably really bad, but I don’t use a moisturizer or anything. Just my normal lotion.” Lucky you, girlfriend. Along with that, she almost never wears any makeup. Once in a blue moon she’ll put on some bronzer and eyeshadow, but tries to stay away from foundations. I don’t know if this Fashionista is just lucky, or if I should seriously re-think my skincare routine.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this Fashionista’s amazing and glowing skin, wash your face with something old school. She recommends Neutrogena original formula Transparent Facial Bar. It’s simple, easy on the skin and only costs about two dollars.