When it comes to hair there seems to always be the want for something new. What usually happens next is either a dramatic cut or a dramatic color change. But change can be fun—it’s figuring out how to style your new look that can be difficult. So for everyone who has just chopped a chunk of their hair off or has been rocking the lob for ages, this Fashionista has a fun way to play with those locks.

First things first, this Fashionista has a great red, natural color that with the short lob cut frames her face beautifully. The lob is everywhere because it is such a youthful haircut that still exudes a sense of maturity. However, the lob can be hard to style, and I see a lot of hair pulled into a half-up half-down hairstyle. This Fashionista added more style and flare into her look by twisting two sections of her hair back into one shared ponytail. She then pulled apart the twists to make them fatter and fall flat against her head. This look is perfect because it gets the hair out of your face in these hot days while also defining the face. This Fashionista really accentuated her lob with this beautiful boutique dress that stayed away from her neckline and shoulders. Adding more dynamite red color to the rest of the outfit, she had a long purse in a worn leather. Hair is a wonderful accessory, and the lob is the perfect look to achieve sophistication.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this hair look you might have to go all out and cut your hair into a lob. Or you can simply pull back your hair at any length with twists. The best part about this twisted look is that it can be worn with curly, straight or any type of hair possible.