BEAUTY BAR: All About the Braids

Summer is so close. I can almost taste it, but right now spring is here, and I know I’m ecstatic about it. Once spring comes in Indiana, everyone can put away their winter coats and spend some time outdoors. The only problem is trying to find those transition pieces that will keep you cool during the day and warm at night. This Fashionista has that transition down to an art.

This Fashionista rocks a cute jacket that’s a mix between a jean jacket and a sweatshirt. This is one of the perfect pieces for spring because it keeps you warm, but also gives off that springy vibe. Her cropped ankle pants help to spring up her look with both the olive color and the cut of the pants. She is rocking a cool vibe with her wayfarer sunglasses.  She also rocks her Chaco sandals, which give her look a great spring touch. But the thing that really caught my eye with this Fashionista was her hair.

She made a cute half up style with some braids. Braids always remind me of spring and summer. She told me this is her go to hairstyle when she wants something cute with not a lot of effort. These braids are super chic and really play to how casual her outfit is. This is definitely a style that everyone should try to copy.

This style doesn’t always have to be casual either it could easily be used for a formal event. That is in my opinion the best part of any type of braided hairstyle, this one in particular. She could use this style for a formal or a wedding with just a little more of a glam makeup and still look as chic as ever.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This look is simple to recreate. You are going to braid back the sides of your hair in loose French braids. This look can be paired with just about any type of makeup from the most natural to the most dramatic. This will be your go-to hairstyle for the spring and summer.