How to Beat the Heat and Look Fashionable at a Music Festival This Summer!

Summer is finally here, and it’s not only the season for hours spent by the pool, but it’s also the season of music festivals! With this summer, supposedly, being the hottest one yet, you’ll want to know how to stay cool without looking like a total mess; especially when surrounded by thousands of people at a festival playing some “hot” music! Here are a few tips on how you can do just that:

First things first, let’s talk shoes. You don’t want to wear anything that’s going to cause a blister to form on the back of your heel, so those brand-new sandals you have just been dying to wear, leave them at home! It’s time to break out the flips-flops, or even those gladiator sandals you’ve been dying to wear again. The more comfortable you keep your feet, the more walking and dancing you can do!

Festivals have a very boho vibe to them, so when creating the perfect look, you’ll want to keep it as earthy as possible. A thin fabric top or a loose-fitting dress are a festival must! Who doesn’t want to watch your dress flare out as you twirl to Ed Sheeran? It’s a total princess moment! Nowadays, bralettes are the trending summer top and pairing them with denim shorts is the perfect festival look. So easy, yet so chic!

If you have thick hair like me, you don’t want it resting on your neck trapping in all the heat! A delicate braid flowing down your back or twisted up into a bun makes the most noticeable difference. Add a dainty head piece, couple of earrings (depending on how many piercings you have) necklaces, bracelets and if you’re really feeling boho, a simplistic ankle bracelet will complete the look!

So, let’s recap: comfortable shoes, light and/or loose shirt, denim shorts, and simplistic jewelry! Keep these few ideas in mind when packing to go off to the festival and you’ll be good to go.

Tell me how you dress for a festival in the comments!