Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

As occupants of a digital age, we’re often flooded with visual imagery and romantic tales of midsummer travels to foreign countries and unknown edges of the earth. Lost amidst these stories, perhaps, is the acknowledgment of the little wonders that can be found in one’s own neighborhood or hometown.

To the quixotic traveler, touring Cairo or Shanghai may seem more appealing than lounging around at home, but people and places are always changing and one’s home community may hold greater excitement than one might think.

This summer, I’ve tasked myself with the mission of being a tourist in my own hometown in the Twin Cities. Last weekend, I went out exploring several unfamiliar corners of Minneapolis, MN and soon found that my residential surroundings held greater sway on my worldview and love of adventure than I had previously expected.

Last Saturday, my cousin and I went out seeking pure adventure. The morning began with a visit to a farmers’ market, which provided a great venue for vendors of all kinds: from veggies to floral arrangements, these locals had you covered.

Because it was so sunny outside, my cousin and I browsed fresh goods under the shade. Soon enough, we spotted a drink stand offering freshly-brewed kombucha and just had to grab a few cups. After all, how best to withstand the summer heat if not with a cooling cup of fermented, effervescent tea?

Upon finishing our drinks, my cousin and I headed over to the infamous Izzy’s Ice Cream (which, for some reason, I had previously never been to). Upon trying their “black” (dark chocolate) flavor, I was immediately in love. We also grabbed a couple scoops of heavenly goodness ranging from currant to Greek yogurt with lychee.

While July is coming to an end, I look forward to getting know my own neighborhood better. At the same time, I encourage you to explore nearby cafés, markets, and everything unfamiliar during your remaining vacation time. Local adventures are incredibly convenient and cheap—a great way to spend your summer! No annoying luggage or airfare; just grab your sunglasses and tote bag and you’re ready to go.

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