A Balanced Life is a Happy Life

A Balanced Life is a Happy Life

The biggest stranger in life as we grow older is not the friends that we drift apart from or our old style, but the concept of relaxing. Relaxing is suppose to be an easy task to do. How hard can it be to become less tense? Well, depending on the person, this is either one of the biggest hurdles to jump over or it’s second nature. Despite how this comes to people, it’s something we need to remember how to do as the years pass by.

Although I have just officially entered the world of adulthood, I have found that learning how to balance life is the key to being happy. I have found that writing everything down in a planner, making checklists, and keeping sticky notes around is the first step to staying relaxed when life gets crazy. My planner is not only adorable, but gives me enough room to continuously write new events that are coming up. Plus, writing notes down helps the brain to retain information faster!

Finding a balance between your social life and personal time can be challenging. It’s never fun to have FOMO, but at the same time, it’s never fun feeling run down and tired. Although I am still working on this, I feel as though I have come to terms with learning how to listen to myself. If you feel as though you are being pulled from one thing to another, it’s time to treat yourself! Who said you aren’t allowed to say no and get cozy in your softest sweater in bed eating chocolate-covered marshmallows while watching How I Met Your Mother? With age, the need to be in on the action will fade.

Another important thing is taking care of both your mental and physical wellbeing. I am not saying hit the gym every day for six hours, but at the same time, it’s not good to sit on your bum every day either. Exercising every other day, in general, will help you both mentally and physically. Mentally, you’ll be more awake, and the endorphins that are released will make you happy. Putting on a cute workout outfit isn’t too bad either. Becoming physically stronger is also a benefit in itself as well!

One last tip is to continue you to challenge yourself. By carrying around books in a cute bag that are both out of your comfort zone and new are just small benefits that you can provide for yourself. You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

What are your favorite activities that help you stay balanced in your life? Comment down below!