Caitlin Griffin

Hello Fashionistas and fellow free-spirits! My name is Caitlin Griffin. I have lived in North Carolina my whole life. I spend a lot of my time in Greenville, North Carolina where I attend college at East Carolina University. I am currently a junior studying Elementary Education. I also spend a lot of my time at the beaches of North Carolina. I also spend my time hiking, traveling, creating art, and shopping, of course! A lot of my heart is invested in children, but I also have a strong interest in fashion. Although teaching and fashion are not directly correlated, they are two of my strongest interest. I love exploring new trends. I consider my style to be hippie-chic. I consider my mind to be creative and I express myself through fashion, art, and exploration of the world and the people and places within it. Fashion inspires me because it is a way for every individual to express themselves. Unique styles intrigue me. I am inspired by interesting patterns and different fabrics. I consider my style to be unique and creative and I am always on the look out to find other unique styles around me. Author Donald Miller writes in his book Through Painted Deserts, "Life is a dance toward God." Why not dance in your own style? Why not dance in your own unique way? I am a dreamer. I am a seeker. I am an explorer. I am a teacher. I am a lover. I am curious. I am a fashion guru!