STYLE GURU BIO: Caitlin Griffin

Hello friends and Fashionistas/os. My name is Caitlin Griffin and I am an elementary education major at East Carolina University. I am thrilled to be strengthening my photography, writing and blogging skills through this #RAD experience.

So, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have had a passion for working with children and designing art for as long as I can remember. I began college with a desire to become a teacher, but my passion for art, photography and fashion have developed even further throughout my journey. I looked into the merchandising program here at my university and found new friends, a terrific merchandising organization and discovered CollegeFashionista! I am continuing my degree in hopes of becoming a teacher, but I have hopes of working with these other interests of mine in the meantime and in the near future.

I have always been inspired by the various art forms that surround me, including fashion. I have always loved to create. I believe that fashion is an art. It is truly incredible how a designer can envision a piece and create it with fabric.

I am inspired through my travels. Even if it be travels right outside my door. I believe that beauty and inspiration can be found all around us. I have had the opportunity to travel to and explore various places within the United States. I was intrigued by fashion around me in each place. What does traveling have to do with my style? I find inspiration in viewing the fashion around me in different places. I take that inspiration and incorporate it into my personal style.

What is my style? I love incorporating the old with the new. I love taking vintage pieces and mixing them with new and current fashion. I have a love for thrift stores. I love soft colors and vintage lace, but I also love bright and patterned pieces. I incorporate both into my wardrobe. Some of my friends say I was born in the wrong decade. I believe that I am a flower child at heart.

Well, there is a bit about me and my inspirations! I am an aspiring artist, teacher and blogger. Be sure to check back in once or twice a month for updated posts with campus fashion tips.