STYLE ADVICE FOR THE WEEK: Sporty Looks for Hitting the Books

January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

A new semester has begun, and it’s time for those late nights and early morning classes. It’s also a new year, so it’s time to work off those pounds you put on during the holidays. A sporty look during the day is perfect for going straight from class to your favorite work out spot. It’s also winter, and this cold season means wearing layers and having warm pieces to throw on before heading to campus. A sporty look during the winter means swapping out your running shorts and T-shirts for a go-to pullover and a comfortable pair of leggings.

Activewear has become for more than just going to the gym or going on a hike. Activewear has become a huge trend and is extremely popular on college campuses where comfort and style are both important. You know what makes activewear even better? Activewear often means leggings! Leggings are SO comfortable and SO easy to slip on for class.

Check out this Fashionista that dresses from head to toe in fashionable pieces that are functional and comfortable yet fashionable and sporty! She pairs her black leggings, which is something that almost every college student has in their closet, with a cozy fleece pullover. She walks from class to class in her bright and fun Nike tennis shoes. The Fashionista’s super cute sunglasses could not go unnoticed and really polish off this sporty look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is key! When I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, I feel confident and ready to take on hours of class. Pairing cute tennis shoes with a fleece jacket makes a warm and comfortable outfit I can wear everyday.”