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Ask Us Anything!

Ask Us Anything!

CollegeFashionista is made up of several amazing editors who write articles for our homepage every week about topics ranging from beauty to lifestyle. Among these ladies are your Fashion Editors: we’re in charge of bringing you the latest trends, how-to’s, and much more. In light of the ever-changing fashion industry, we figured that many of our readers would have tons of questions on how they can style or fix a fashion dilemma.

That is why we have started this new feature—Ask Us Anything. Here is your chance to tweet, DM, Snap, or simply leave your question in the comments of this article. Unsure how to wear a certain trend? Not sure if you should try that haircut? Or simply feeling feelings and want to know if anyone else can relate? Let us know!

Here are some questions our Style Gurus asked and our Fashion Editors answered. Read below to see if any of your inquiries were addressed and be sure to share with your #GuruGang in case they’ve got the same dilemmas too!

“I love overalls but I never know how to style them without looking like I’m 12 years old?”Peyton Roy, Washington State University

(Photo via @allyfrancesca)

“Overalls are funny items of clothing—they’re essentially publicly acceptable onesies. I once spent an entire summer looking for the perfect pair of overalls because none I found ever seemed right on me. Finding the right pair for you is the most important part; knowing what type of fabric and fit suits you will help you wear them comfortably. In terms of styling them, a white collared shirt always can contrast how child-like they can feel—roll them up and add a pair of Chelsea boots to continue to offset the overall look. Personally, I always just fully embrace how relaxed overalls are—my go-to is a crop top, baseball cap, and sneakers. If Chance the Rapper can pull it off flawlessly, so can you!”Ally Scandolo, University of Toronto

“My fashion dilemma is how can you look cute but also be comfy? I feel so exhausted when I get up for class that I’m always dying to put on something easy [but] will still look cute!”Rachel Cohen, University of Wisconsin

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“Comfy and cute outfits are my favorite. I know that it may be tricky sometimes to combine these two qualities into one look, but my advice is to always go for comfortable clothing and cuteness will come along. The rule is simple – wear what you feel like because that is the only way to not to lose your own sense of style and your own ‘self’ in the world of fashion. Once you wear what you like, you feel comfortable and charming in it. Your inner confidence and grace while you are wearing any clothing is what makes it look cute on you.”Amanda Skrabucha, Ryerson University

“My fashion dilemma is keeping black jeans black! They just fade so quickly and it feels like I’m constantly buying new pairs all the time because of it. Know of any brands that’ll have jeans that the color won’t fade easily after a few washes or any tricks I can use?”Sonilee Solano, Fashion Institute of Technology

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“This dilemma is something I too have struggled with for a long time. I found that the simplest way to keeping black jeans black is by flipping them inside out when you wash them. Easy, I know, but you’d be surprised at how many people neglect to do this! I’d also suggest to try and avoid washing them often. When it comes to black jeans, quality is always key. If you have the money, go out and buy yourself really nice quality black jeans from stores like 7 For All Mankind, Rag & Bone, or Lucky Brand. The jeans you buy from higher end stores will definitely stay black longer than ones from places you’d purchase for a lot cheaper.”Rachel Park, University of California, San Diego

(Photo via @leytonpee)

“Whether I’m on the way to my sorority’s chapter meeting or prepping for a job or internship interview, I am always caught off guard by the dress code, ‘business casual.’ How can I approach dressing business casual without risking my own personal style, and without having to opt for the anticipated pant suit look?”—Hannah Bertolino, Belmont University

“Dressing business casual is a mindless task once you have a vision of how to present yourself. Whether you’re constantly in need of inspiration or only have to dress up once in a blue moon, you should turn to a brand that matches your sense of style to find your muse. When I’m fresh out of ideas, I open the Vogue Runway app for looks from brands like Zimmermann or Chloè. Their styles project sophisticated yet feminine details with vibrant colors that I can really get behind. I base my ‘business casual’ off of what I love from the runway to ensure I have the perfect formula for my next killer outfit.” – Peyton Lee, York College of Pennsylvania

What are some fashion dilemmas you are having? Let us know in the comments below and our editors will give you their two-cents!