AROUND TOWN: WhatRUWearing Girl

“The thought behind our brand is the idea of how cool it is to know what stylish girls in DC, Houston and Chicago (just to name a few) are wearing to work, class, to brunch on the weekends, date nights, weddings… you get the point. How are they putting outfits together differently than me? What inspiration can I draw from them for those days that I feel I have nothing to wear? And where did they get that top? That’s our app—and it only gets better as more of us join in on it.” These are the words from the founder of the stylish and social company, WhatRUWearing. Undoubtedly, the best part about the blossoming brand is that it’s mobile, editorial and social all at the same time. Based in Chicago, the WRUW team is on the lookout for fashionable brand representatives all over the country to host brand events, share the app and contribute to editorial pages. As a part of the UW-Madison WRUW team myself, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to meet fellow ambassadors across the U.S. as well as on my own campus.

Name: Alexa Snow

Position: WhatRUWearing Brand Ambassador

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite part about the WhatRUWearing program and its new app?

Alexa Snow: I love that the app is formatted just like Instagram but is fashion-based. It’s so fun to see girls around the United States at other college campuses that have in interest in trends, fashion and style (just like I do) and to see what they put together! It’s so interactive and a great way to get inspired for my own personal style.

CF: What is your must-have spring fashion or beauty trend?

AS: I would say my must-have spring fashion trend is combining something sparkly with a bright lip.

CF: Where do you draw daily style inspiration from?

AS: I get my style from everywhere. From the girls on the runway to celebrities like Beyoncé—who can rock ANYTHING and make it work—to the girls on campus who love fashion too!

CF: Describe your go-to outfit.

AS: My go-to outfit would be something that I feel comfortable in but leaves an impression. I would say I gravitate towards putting numerous pieces together like a blouse, cute skirt and maybe a cardigan or scarf. I then make sure to accessorize to complete the look. I think every outfit is in the detail!

CF: Do you plan on going into fashion or PR after graduation?

AS: I am currently a retail major and would love to work as a product merchandiser or buyer or in the product development in the fashion sector of a large, corporate retail company.

Learn More: Get a sneak peek inside Alexa’s closet, and start sharing your own style by downloading the WhatRUWearing app from the app store here. Sorry, android gals; it’s currently only available to iPhone users. If you’re craving even more content, check out WRUW’s editorial pages online!