Although UW Fashion Week is over, some thrifty students are still running on the excitement from the week-long event. On the Wednesday of Fashion Week, MODA Magazine organized a clothing swap event that brought in over a hundred people. Students were encouraged to clean out the old items in their closet and trade them in for something new. Not only was the event economically beneficial for its participants, it was also an eco-friendly way to update your wardrobe. All the remaining items from the swap were donated to St. Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Stores, making it a positive experience for all. At the event, I got to work as a check-out girl and was able to see everyone’s new finds as they left the store. Some of my favorite items that I saw were a gorgeous top from Free People, a basic striped top from the Gap and some tan fashion boots from Target.

Name: Caroline Kreul

Role: Deputy Editor of Moda Magazine

CollegeFashionista: What was your ultimate goal when organizing MODA’s Swap and Shop event?

Caroline Kreul: I suppose it’s two-fold. First, we really wanted to donate to St. Vincent de Paul. They have an awesome program, and they give a lot of money back to the Madison community. Secondly, a clothing swap is a really great way to get things for free while also being able to get rid of things you really don’t want anymore. As college students, we are often tight for cash and it’s a nice opportunity to get something new.

CF: Would you consider this event a success and why?

CK: I would. We really didn’t know how many people were going to show up because we had close to 400 “likes” on our Facebook event page, as well as coverage from some of Madison’s and the University’s papers. It ended up that over 165 people showed up for the event, which is a really great turnout. On top of that, we were able to donate 10 huge garbage bags of clothes and accessories to St. Vincent de Paul.

CF: Did you take part in the swap? If so, what was your favorite item that you were able to exchange?

CK: I did not participate in the swap. It was one of those things where I had to be the manager at the event and for me it is more important that the people that attend have a positive experience. I would rather miss out on the swapping opportunity if it meant that someone else was going to have a good time and get some awesome things.

Learn More: If you are interested in learning more about the Swap and Shop or UW-Madison’s Fashion Week, visit the MODA Magazine Facebook Page.