April 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

There are many clubs at the University of Delaware that raise money for a plethora of causes, but UDance trumps them all. UDance is a 12-hour dance marathon that takes place every spring semester. The proceeds of the event go towards the Andrew McDonough B+ (also known as Be Positive) Foundation, whose goal is to help find a cure for childhood cancer. This year the university raised $1,282,103.30, beating the organization’s goal of raising $1 million. An event so grandiose requires a significant amount of manpower from the executive board of the UDance organization. The event is not mainly targeted at fashion; however, with a space theme the students were able to get creative with rave-inspired outfits! I discussed the event with one of the executive board members.

Name: Melissa Buchner

Role: Resident Student Organization Chair

College Fashionista: What was your role in preparation for the UDance marathon?

Melissa Buchner: I had to go to organizations on campus and try to get them involved in different ways, such as fundraising events, attending FTK fundraisers, setting up their own events, making teams, and spreading awareness in general. I also got the campus engaged and aware of the B+ mission and UDance goals. 

CF: Tell me about the outfit that you wore for the event.

MB: The theme was “To Infinity and Beyond”, so our shirts featured a planet and the galaxy print. In addition I chose to wear galaxy leggings to emphasize the theme. I used the fanny pack to carry important items that I would need throughout the day. The hat was one of the most popular items sold at the event. The FTK (For The Kids) logo helps us spread awareness for the kids and heroes that we are supporting. 

CF: What was your favorite part of the event?

MB: Going on stage and seeing everyones expressions when we held up the signs that showed how much we raised. The accomplishment we all felt after working hard throughout the whole year to raise awareness for pediatric cancer was incredible. 

Learn More: For more information about UDance and how you can participate check out their website!