Cruising down University Avenue in the cozy college town that is Gainesville, Florida, you’ll come across a quirky collection of crusty dive bars, legendary pizza joints and hip vegan cafés. As of April 11, The Boardr was added to the mix, offering local skateboarders a place to stock up on the necessities (and watch endless skate videos on its mounted flat screen TV). With its headquarters located in Tampa, Florida, The Boardr sells an array of skate gear, apparel and shoes from brands like Vans, Herschel and Volcom both in stores and online. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a concrete shredder to appreciate this place. They have a stunning assortment of funky-patterned socks, killer summer snapbacks, sleek sunglasses and durable backpacks for guys and gals alike. Plus, the inside of this store is pretty darn cool, too. It has wood-lined walls and a couch accented with the remains of old skateboard decks. This unique little shop made downtown’s ranking on the “rad-o-meter” go off the charts, so I caught up with Jared to get the low-down on Gainesville’s latest hidden treasure.

Name: Jared Currey

Role: Retail Manager

CollegeFashionista: What made the guys from The Boardr choose Gainesville as their newest location?

Jared Currey: Gainesville is one of our closest neighbors with a great scene and a lack of retail accommodations. So when an opportunity arose to reach out and open a storefront, we jumped at the chance.

CF: How do you feel about the local skate scene here in Gainesville?

JC: The scene here is one of Florida’s best-kept secrets—tight-knit, diverse and thriving. There are several different cliques that you’ll find within it, all of which get along swimmingly and can be found skating among themselves regularly. If you skate in Gainesville, you’re welcomed by fellow wood-pushers.

CF: What kind of brands and products do you sell here?

JC: We carry a wide array of products that cater to all subcultures within the skate community. From fresh to hippy to hipster, we have whatever you need to “do you” in style.

CF: What’s your favorite part about working at The Boardr?

JC: Personality and professionalism. Never before have I worked with such a group of learned veterans in the industry that genuinely care for and support any and all purveyors of our shared interests. Experiencing this more every day has been an honor, and I am proud to take part in their continued success moving forward.

Learn More: If you like to kick, push and glide around town on four wheels, then pay Jared a visit at 17 West University Ave., or browse their website at theboardr.com. You’ll come for the products and probably end up sticking around for the good jams, skateboarding videos and comfy couch.