Whether we have chose to acknowledge it or not, May is national fitness month. The good news is if you have yet to get on the fitness bandwagon this month, Cyc Fitness cycologist Remy Kam can help with that. This 21 year old Los Angeles, California native brought her free spirit and fun loving attitude to Wisconsin and shares her love for fitness everyday with a room full of riders as she instructs one of the most intense full body workouts around.

Name: Remy Kam

Role: Cycologist

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to be a Cyc instructor?

Remy Kam: I have been working at Cyc since my freshman year, which is crazy to think, three whole years ago. I still remember my first class with Keoni (the creator of the Cyc Method) and right after that class I knew I wanted to be a part of whatever Cyc was. Back home in California I take a kickboxing class religiously and the instructor Nicole really helped me come out of my shell to audition to be a Cycologist and is just an all round motivating and inspiring person. I hope to one day be the same for people. I would say my biggest inspirations are the previous instructors before me. Because I have worked at Cyc for so long, I have been fortunate enough to see everyone’s progress.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

RK: I have been told by one of my best friends that I am “hobo-chic.” Coming from Los Angeles I wear a lot of loose fitted, “hippie” like clothing. I used to be super girlie and wore a lot of sundresses and skirts, but since getting into the fitness world I find myself sticking to leggings and Nike running shorts. I do however love to dress up when I go out, and try to put fun new and trendy stuff together. I could not live without my black booties, and usually keep the color choices to a minimum, AKA black and grey. I do however love colored purses and shoes; I’m a huge shoe fan. In a nutshell, I like to keep up with the fashion trends, as long as it’s still comfortable! Also note that I have a high pain tolerance for shoes because of dance, so the higher the heel the better.

CF: Do you think fashion plays a role in fitness?

RK: I one hundred percent think fashion plays a role in fitness. Although it is not essential, I always feel my best when I’m wearing my favorite outfits. Fitness is not always fun, and so it doesn’t hurt to wear something you feel killer and badass in. People should workout because it’s healthy and good for your mind and body, but being able to put on those skinny jeans that didn’t fit you a month ago is a pretty good feeling.  Also, neon shirts in the bike room glow when the black light goes on and everyone always gets a kick out of that!

Learn More: Want to learn more about Cyc Fitness? Check out the website here and be sure to check out one of Remy’s classes!