New boutiques can be hard gems to find, but I stumbled upon Ragged Row and fell in love instantly. This is a unique shop you won’t find anywhere but Pittsburgh, so it’s definitely worth checking out. It has tons of character which is much more fun and rewarding than a typical chain store. Your wardrobe will be more about style that is personal to you, and it will have better quality overall. I found the unique clothing and set-up of the store to be stunning. From flawless jeans to Pittsburgh tees, this boutique has a lot to offer. I’m so glad I was able to stop in and explore the store.

Name: Martha Leo

Role: Sales Associate

CollegeFashionista: How do you describe the store’s style?

Martha Leo: Ragged Row is one of the few boutiques in the Pittsburgh area. It offers a wide variety of unique clothing styles and brands with variable prices suitable for both men and women. It carries pieces that can easily transform a look from casual to evening. I would describe it as casual, simple chic, mixed with a few statement pieces.

CF: What about Ragged Row makes it specifically geared towards Pittsburgh people?

ML: Ragged Row is very supportive of the Pittsburgh area. It has recently opened a new location in Bakery Square, its first being in Sewickley. The store launched an exclusive line of men and women’s Pittsburgh-themed apparel designed and manufactured by the owners themselves. Their line makes dressing like a “yinzer” a little bit more chic.

CF: What is your favorite part of working at Ragged Row?

ML: I love everything about working at Ragged Row. My bosses have given me numerous opportunities while working, including working hands on with the merchandise and also by giving me a glimpse into the retail and buying industries. And of course, I love being around all of the amazing clothes as well.

CF: Can you describe the aesthetic of the store?

ML: The store has a very neutral yet warm aesthetic. The owners worked very hard in creating a chic and understated atmosphere for the store, which leaves room for their amazing clothing and accessories to be the focal point of the retail space.  

Learn More: If you want your hands on this chic clothing, be sure to visit 116 Bakery Square Blvd in Pittsburgh. Make sure to check out their Instagram, @raggedrow.