There is no store quite like the Not Dot Shop. Located on Geneseo’s bustling Main Street, this boutique has become a staple in the community. The shopping experience is more reminiscent of a treasure hunt, as you look around at multiple rooms filled with items that are truly one of a kind. You can simply find everything and anything at the Not Dot Shop. Whether you are looking for purses, handmade jewelry, scarves, home décor, pottery, refurbished furniture, antiques, vintage items or even pet treats, they are sure to be found at the Not Dot Shop. I was able to speak to the founder of the Not Dot Shop and learn more about how such an incredible store came to be.

Name: Marcia Podhorecki

Role: Founder

CollegeFashionista: How did the Not Dot Shop get started? Why Geneseo?

Marcia Podhorecki: I live in the area and my background is in interior design. I have a great love of furniture and refurbishing. At first, I wanted to open a store to sell my furniture but I realized that would not be enough to stay in business. I then had the idea to do a co-op for other people who have a passion for something but maybe could not support a store of their own. Each member has their own booth of items and work in the store a certain amount of time a month. Most of us have other jobs but this allows each person to work on their own particular craft. We are able to showcase the creativity of local artists.

CF: Where did the name Not Dot Shop come from?

MP: The name means “no one thing does one thing” and really gets at the store’s philosophy. The idea is to reuse, repurpose and recycle. We get local artists that make things out of other things. This idea has grown into everything we do and provided something for everybody that comes into the store.

CF: What makes the store unique?

MP: Diversity. Within the store there are so many different items, which fits the variety of personalities in town. When you have such diverse community members, it can be hard to please everyone, but our store has really grown to fit everybody. It is a fun place to be and has helped support local artists. I believe the shop has truly given something to the community.

Learn More: Stop by and find something special for yourself! The Not Dot Shop is located at 127 Main Street in Geneseo, New York.