AROUND TOWN: Muse Clothing

Muse Clothing has been offering U.S.A. made clothing since 2013. A great atmosphere, unique styles and a fun staff makes Muse Clothing a go-to boutique for many students and city residents. Muse owner, Nickie Davis, wanted to bring the big city feel to Columbia, Missouri. Since they opened they have organized many fashion shows and photo shoots.

Name: Nickie Davis

Role: Owner of Muse Clothing

CollegeFashionista: What is Muse Clothing’s atmosphere like?

Nickie Davis: It’s a very open and relaxed environment. We are here to have fun, help you get dressed and make your day better.

CF: What kind of clothes do you sell in your store?

ND: Our clothes are on an edgier side for Columbia. We have just incredibly different things you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We prefer up-and-coming lines.

CF: How would you describe people who shop in Muse Clothing?

ND: People who want to express themselves through clothing. They are usually creative and outgoing and are looking for something different

CF: How would you describe your own style?

ND: I don’t spend more then five minutes putting together an outfit in the morning. I am able to do that because I put my wardrobe together for that purpose. All my clothes fit together. I love getting dressed, but I don’t like spending ridiculous amount of time on it. 

CF: What is your style advice for CollegeFashionista readers?

ND: Find those specific pieces that you love and that fit you very well, and build outfits around those pieces. Eventually, you’ll end up with the perfect closet where everything goes together. Also, it’s important to have pieces that describe who you are. 

Learn More: You can visit Muse Clothing to check out unique styles at 22 S 9th Street, Columbia, Missouri.