AROUND TOWN: MODE Perspectives Fashion Show Re-Cap

Seattle Pacific University’s MODE Fashion show “Perspectives,” has passed all too quickly, but that doesn’t mean the killer looks of the runway can’t be remembered. SPU Apparel Design and Merchandising majors delivered a myriad of unique looks that were truly unforgettable. From 80s esque edge, to antler crowns, and hand-painted designs I was blown away. The excitement in the venue was palpable and the anxiousness of pre-show was so worthwhile when all 110 designs were showcased on the runway. Like myself, this attendee and Fashionista was equally eager to see all the hard work SPU fashion industry students put into this show:

Name: Sharaya Silva

Role: MODE Perspectives Fashion Show Attendee

College Fashionista: What inspired you to wear this particular outfit to the fashion show?

Sharayah Silva: I just wanted to wear something nicer than casual clothes but not too fancy. I had this dress in the back of my closet sine I don’t wear it that often. I thought I’d give it a chance and I just got these wedges and thought that they’d be perfect…I’m all about color. Topped it off with a black jacket, and bam, outfit made.

CF: What was your favorite look on the runway?

SS: Choosing one look is hard, I loved so many and I knew a lot more of the designer’s personally this year. I have two absolute favorites though: junior designer Ariana Andres’s last look that was outwear paired with a strapless jumpsuit underneath. I loved that her pieces were almost structured statement outerwear and then underneath there was something that was simple and cute! My second favorite was the last look by senior designer Brooke Holt. I hear Brooke talk about her collection once and how it had to do with the human body and how everyone looks different which is not how the media portrays women. I thought it represented a heart through the blue and red streams of vein-like fabric. I especially loved the collar piece attached on the top, it was constructed beautifully and was absolutely flawless. 

CF: What was the best part of the entire experience?

SS: My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing the hard work of my friends and fellow fashion majors pay off. I knew a lot more of the designers this year, and I actually went through a basic clothing construction class with them so I know how much time, planning and effort goes into sewing a garment. So having to do four to seven garments takes an unbelievable amount of work. To see ideas come full circle and unique garments come to life was incredible. I feel so much pride and admiration for my fellow classmates! 

CF: If you could only describe your favorite part of the show in three words, what would they be?

SS: Captivating, chic and cultural.

Learn More: If you missed the show, then check out the album from the show on Facebook!