April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Last weekend was Washington State University’s Apparel Merchandising Design and Textile Department’s 32nd Annual Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show. Every year, AMDT students put together a fashion show to showcase junior and senior designers within the department. There are also awards given out to the best in show among others which are given out by a panel of professional judges. Milena is a senior designer who presented her collection, Latch, which received the top prize of best in show!

Name: Milena Go

Role: Fashion Designer

CollegeFashionista: When did you first realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Milena Go: As a child, I always knew I had a creative talent. From drawing, to rubber stamping crafts with my mom; I always knew I was good at art. It wasn’t until my freshman year when I realized that fashion design was something that I was actually good at and could see becoming my future profession.

CF: Where did you draw inspiration from for your senior collection?

MG: Much of my inspiration came from my experience during my summer study abroad trip at The London College of Fashion. I was inspired by porous substances; mainly the idea of pumice translating through my curiosity of substances that look fragile, yet are rigid and solid. For my color pallet, the main inspiration came from black, white and cream colored marble. I knew I wanted to add textured surface to my designs so that people would be able to touch and feel the craftsmanship I put into these three pieces. Latch hooking came to mind when toying with different ideas. This technique allowed me to create my own patterns and also created the delicate, “fragile” component that I was looking for.

CF: How would you describe your designs?

MG: I would describe my designs as a mix of futurism and minimalist components. Each garment represents a different form of marble, with each different aspects of forms of a different slab, one lighter, one darker and one in the middle.

CF: What does it mean for you to have won the Best in Show Molly Pepper award?

MG: It’s incredible that I was able to achieve this award; it truly humbles me. Winning this award has helped me realize that this career path is the one for me and that I truly have a talent for it. I will only continue to push myself harder!

CF: What are your plans after graduation?

MG: To finalize my portfolio and to job/intern hunt! I need experience, and I want to start the process to my career as soon as possible! My ultimate goal is to be successful, it doesn’t matter what the specific job title is, as long as I’m happy, making a good living, and making my parents proud.

Learn More: Milena will be finishing up her year here at Washington State and then make sure to keep an eye out for her work when she moves to Los Angeles this next year!