AROUND TOWN: Miami University's Club of Fashion and Design's 9th Annual Fashion Show Re-cap

Miami University’s Club of Fashion and Design’s 9th Annual Fashion show was a bigger success than any of the past eight years. This year was the first time that the fashion show sold out all 550-floor seats and ended up having to sell bleacher seats in order to allow more visitors. The fashion show even included a guest from Theory’s Creative Director and Designer, Lisa Kulson. Hair and makeup was sponsored and well done by The Aveda Salon. The backdrop on the pure white runway was garnished from floor to ceiling with fresh greenery creating the whimsical and refreshing appeal the show was aiming for. From a professional photographer and step & repeat, to a champagne toast for gold VIP members, the show was an all out success.

Name: Allie Whitaker

Role: Fashion Show Attendee/ Marketing/ PR Club Member

CollegeFashionista: Tell us more about the theme of the show, and how that inspired your outfit choice.

Allie Whitaker: As a club member I was told to wear black, but took it upon myself to choose a dress with some beige patterning in order to incorporate the earthy theme. I accessorized it with gold jewelry because it felt sleek and sophisticated.

CF: What was your favorite look on the runway?

AW: This season I’ve been super excited about incorporating open backs and unique ties. One of the runway, clothing lines titled “criss cross” incorporated different tying of fabrics with different clothing pieces, but my favorite was the tank top shirt with an open back, that tied in the back of the shirt as well.

CF: What was your favorite part of the entire experience?

AW: When I bought my ticket for the show, I was given the opportunity to enter for a raffle in hopes of winning a pair of shoes or a purse. I ended up emailed two days later informing me that I had won the purse! It is a fun experience because even though you are paying for the ticket, you definitely get a chance to get reimbursed through multiple raffles.

CF: How would you describe your overall experience and would you recommend the show to your friends or peers?

AW: The fashion show was a very organized, professional, and an exciting experience. I was inspired by many of the looks this year and thought the entire experience was worthwhile. I will definitely continue to recommend this event to everyone I know, even though they don’t necessarily need my help because the show sold out this year!

Learn More: The entire fashion show was recorded from beginning to end, so you can either check out pictures on the MUCFD club Facebook page,, or by watching the promo video.