AROUND TOWN: Miami University Club Of Fashion And Design

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Miami University will be hosting it’s second biggest event this weekend behind the charter ball. This event is Miami University’s Club of Fashion and Design’s ninth annual fashion show. If you are interested in fashion or are just looking for somewhere to have fun, you should consider attending this event. Over 600 people are expected to attend. I got the opportunity to meet with one of the designers, Emma Strupp, and hear a little bit more about what goes on behind creating such a successful show.

Name: Emma Strupp

Role: Designer

CollegeFashionista: What is this year’s theme for the show?

Emma Strupp: The theme of MUCFD’s ninth annual fashion show is fresh and whimsical. The promo video for the show was shot at The Krohn Conservatory, so they could incorporate the greenery and fresh vibe.

CF: What types of pre-show activities can attendees expect to take part in?

ES: The week of April 13 to April 17 is fashion week. Fashion week involves a different activity hosted by the fashion show for every day leading up to the show. All of the activities are a fun way to get excited and promote the fashion show before Saturday. Some of these activities include a kickoff event, designer showcase, trunk show, a speaker who is the creative director of Theory and a cup sale uptown.

CF: How much work goes behind planning a fashion show with this many people in attendance?

ES: Seven months of tireless work by the entire organization is needed to make a show this big such a success. This year’s show will include over 150 student-designed pieces of clothing and accessories from 30 designers. The marketing/pr, finance, sponsorship and creativity teams are a few of the committees that have worked so hard to make this show a success.

Learn More: The ninth annual fashion show will be taking place on Saturday, April 18th at 6:00 p.m. in Millet Hall. You can either purchase tickets at the door or buy them online at If you want a sneak peek at the fashion show, view the promo video here.