Lifestyle blogger, Maddy Moog, focuses on DIY projects, fashion and creative writing. However, as a college student, she recognizes that fashion or lifestyle blogs are operated by individuals with extra cash to spend—she realizes that many students do not have the luxury of having spare cash sitting around. Maddy’s blog, Real Life, Real Style, takes a fresh, college budget approach to fashion, DIY and creating.

Name: Maddy Moog

Role: Student Lifestyle Blogger

CollegeFashionista: What is the inspiration behind your blog?

Maddy Moog: I started my blog as a way to express my creativity and share my ideas about affordable fashion, home décor and DIY projects. I had scrolled through countless blogs filled with designer looks and expensive interior design pieces, realizing there were a small amount of blogs out there for middle class college students on a budget. Thus, Real Life, Real Style was born!

CF: What are your goals for Real Life, Real Style? 

MM: I would like to reach as many strong, independent women as possible and show them that style does not come with high price tags. Everyone can live a fashionable lifestyle with a little effort and a lot of creativity!

CF: Any suggestions for students who want to start a lifestyle/fashion blog?

MM: Just go for it. If you have an idea you are passionate about, make it happen. College is the best time to experiment with your creativity and try something new. However, running a blog can be a lot of work, so in order to stay on top of posting, it is important to set deadlines for yourself. Treating your blog like another class or student organization will help you stay on task and allow your blog to grow.

CF: Last but not least, what are you wearing, and what is your favorite trend for spring?

MM: I am wearing a Forever 21 jean jacket that I embellished with some of my own pins, a dress I got (for free!) at a clothing swap and Steve Madden sandals, which I bought for $15 from T.J.Maxx. My favorite trend for spring is denim! All of the denim looks on the spring 2015 runways are amazing!

Learn More: Check out Maddy’s blog, Real Life, Real Style to see how to DIY, and find fun fashion trends for college students on a budget. For more immediate updates on Maddy’s blog, like her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram!