The future’s scary. Period. College is the time when we all get chances to prep ourselves for the big world; chances that give us teeny tiny glimpses into how life after all the endless studying will be. Internships, jobs, volunteer work…we’ve all been there. I think we can all agree that there’s always a struggle when trying to find a college job that you can learn from, while at the same time have fun doing. But don’t get your hopes down— these jobs actually do exist, and Fashionista Kim Cotter can definitely testify to that. How does working as a sales assistant at one of the Vera Bradley stores while still in college sound to you? To me it sounds great, so read on and you’ll find out for yourselves.

Name: Kim Cotter

Role: Sales Assistant at Vera Bradley

CollegeFashionista: What has working at Vera Bradley taught you?

Kim Cotter: working at Vera Bradley has mainly taught me that working on a team is very important and that without a good team, you can’t sell even if you’re in one of the best environments.

CF: What’s your favorite part about working at Vera Bradley?

KC: My favorite part about working at Vera Bradley is getting the opportunity to see all the new and fun patterns, prints and products that the design team comes up with, before they are even distributed in stores.

CF: What made you want to work at Vera Bradley?

KC: I love the products and the patterns that Vera Bradley creates and I can say that the environment that is provided in stores is extremely welcoming, so I just knew that I wanted to work for this company.

CF: What are some of your favorite trends at Vera Bradley at the moment?

KC: My favorite trend at Vera Bradley now is probably the genuine leather bags that the company has recently come out with. I think they’re doing a fantastic job with them.

CF: Has your own personal style changed at all since you got this job? If so, how?

KC: Yes, I would have to say that my personal style has definitely changed. I feel like I’ve become more trendy and daring with my outfits than I used to be before working here.

Learn More: To find out more about the fun and whimsical prints and patterns that Kim loves so much, be sure to check out the Vera Bradley website or a nearby store!