AROUND TOWN: Kelsi Ignomirello

Makeup is an essential part of girlhood, and most of us remember the first time we painted our nails, wore blue eyeshadow and used mascara. For Kelsi Ignomirello, beauty came naturally and was more than just a girly everyday routine. She turned her love for makeup trends and cosmetics into an internship for one of the leading women’s magazines in the nation.

Name: Kelsi Ignomirello

Role: Beauty Intern at Cosmopolitan Magazine

CollegeFashionista: When did you decide you wanted to go into beauty? 

Kelsi Ignomirello: Well, technically, I’ve been in the beauty industry since before I was born. My mom worked for Estee Lauder up until I was born, but I think the moment I realized that I wanted to work in the beauty industry was the day I went on my first internship interview at Good Housekeeping. I was brought into the beauty closet and research lab where they test the products, and I immediately fell in love with the industry.

CF: What is a typical day in the Cosmopolitan Beauty Closet like?

KI: A mad house, but a fun mad house. I’m usually on the phone and emailing PR companies all day to request products, press releases and credit information. I also do research for upcoming stories by finding the newest trends as well as who is wearing them and where to buy them. I’m pretty much running around all day for ten hours, but I don’t even notice because it’s so fun. There are always celebrities in and out of the office, and sometimes there are happy hours with drinks and food.

CF: What is your go-to beauty product?

KI: It’s a toss-up between lipstick and clear mascara. Clear mascara is for practical days because it has so many uses—for lashes, flyaway hairs and to hold your eyebrows in place. Lipstick is another product that’s always in my pocket. As soon as I put lipstick on, I feel like I’m on top of the world.

CF: Who do you look up to for beauty trends and advice?

KI: I always look on beauty blogs such as Byrdie, XOVain and Refinery29. I also follow celebrity trends. For example, everyone wore a nude pout to the Golden Globes so you can bet your bottom dollar that I was wearing a nude pout that whole week.

CF: What do you see yourself doing after graduation?

KI: Hopefully starting off as a beauty assistant for a well-known magazine (fingers crossed). But, if I can’t make it in the magazine world, I would love to work for a beauty PR company.

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