AROUND TOWN: Kelsey Stiegman

As many Fashionistas know, the fashion industry can be a very demanding, competitive career path. As the school year comes to a close, finding the perfect job is now more real than ever. Kelsey Stiegman, senior Fashion Merchandising and Journalism minor student at Illinois State University hopes to pursue her passion for fashion in the fashion department of a magazine. Last summer, Kelsey interned at Seventeen and will be interning at Cosmopolitan this summer.

Name: Kelsey Stiegman

Role: Fashion Merchandising Student

CollegeFashionista: The fashion industry can be a very demanding, competitive field. Why did you pursue this career path?

Kelsey Stiegman: When I got to college, I had no idea that fashion was an actual field of study. I came to ISU as an English major and as soon as I heard the worlds “apparel merchandising” I knew that is where I belonged. I switched majors as soon as I possibly could. Fashion is my calling, something I surround myself with every single day. I couldn’t be happy in any other field.

CF: From your experiences at Seventeen and now your internship at Cosmopolitan, what is your advice to fashionistas going out into the real world looking for jobs and internships?

KS: My advice is to start looking for an internship early, like freshman year early. The more experience you have, the better you’ll look to an employer. Internship experience will also help you to figure out where you belong in the industry. I would absolutely tell anyone to look outside [of their] comfort zone. Moving far away for a summer might seem scary, but it’s an experience you might never get again.

CF: What are some of the most challenging/rewarding experiences you have faced during your internships?

KS: Moving to New York with no knowledge of the city and no friends in that part of the country was a really frightening concept. It ended up being the best decision I have ever made! I fell in love with the city and learned so much at my internship at Seventeen. I’ve never worked in a corporate setting, so it was really intimidating, but I really think that I grew a lot professionally.

CF: Describe your style. Where do you go for inspiration? What are some of your favorite trends right now and favorite places to shop?

KS: I love any piece of clothing that is artistic, architectural or vintage, because I think fashion is an art form. My style is always unique and I like a healthy dose of black in my wardrobe. I get a lot of inspiration from bloggers and fashion magazines, but mostly I just try to change things up in my own way. Laid back, cool girl-chic looks are my go-to right now, so I shop at Brandy Melville a lot. And I’m forever obsessed with J.Crew and Zara for their sleek looks.

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