AROUND TOWN: Kate Burson

As embarrassing as it may be, no girl can deny that they wanted to be a model at one point or another in their lives (thanks in part to the constant America’s Next Top Model marathons in the mid 2000s). The Fashion Club at Seattle University has been working to make this happen for several years with their annual fashion show. The show features student models, many of whom have never had experience on the runway, and it is set up completely by the members of Fashion Club. One of these members is Kate Burson.

Name: Kate Burson

Role: Vice President of Seattle University

CollegeFashionista: What’s the inspiration behind this years theme, Vivid Revival?

Kate Burson: This year’s theme is inspired by the vibrance of spring, and the bright colors and lighter clothing that is worn after a long winter. It’s really about shedding the winter layers and taking on a bold new persona as the sun comes out and nature comes back to life. We are incorporating a lot of vintage looks this year, so the “revival” part of the theme describes that. There are going to be a lot of bright colors but with a little bit of an edgy, grungy feel to keep it current.  

CF: How is it planning a fashion show with models who don’t necessarily have previous experience?

KB: Planning a show with models who don’t all have previous experience is definitely risky as far as how the timing of the show is going to work out, but our student models really are the centerpiece of the show. There would be no show without them, so we appreciate their time and effort. I think that it is a good thing that the models don’t all have experience because the show really becomes an opportunity for them to build confidence and just have fun. We include everyone–all shapes, sizes and personalities, and it makes the show one of a kind. 

CF: What brands and stores should we be expecting on the SU runway this year?

KB: This year we are so excited about working with Lucky Vintage, which is a really fun vintage store located in Ballard and the U District. We have worked with them in the past, and their clothes always amp up the energy of the show. We are also working with Le Frock Vintage, a Capitol Hill store that carries really high end designer, vintage clothes. Le Frock definitely adds an element of sophistication to the show! Additionally, we are working with Zebra Club, which features more modern street wear and new to the show this year is the vintage section of Goodwill!

Learn More: Keep your schedule cleared for April 18, the date of this year’s fashion show, featuring Kate herself as a model!